Saturday, February 01, 2014


I am starting to feel less and less like crap, but not so much to be inspired to head out and mess around in the great white winter which has come to the Bozone. Although I had thoughts of making a quickie to the LM, the day ahead seems more suited to doing some work at the shop and while the Daufels tie some flies at the shop.
I think that some significant advancements were made in the database world yesterday and that the new ecomm project might just come to life in the next 6 weeks! Regardless, a lot of data entry is done and I am hoping to be able to focus more on the fishing and fly tying than computer crap for awhile.
Winter is here again which means more snow for the mountains and water for the rivers come August. I can't wait until the summer days starting off at 5:30 with flip flops, a cup of coffee, my trusty blu, and driving into a rising sun to be the first boat on the water, hoping for a hopper bite.

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