Thursday, February 13, 2014


It has been a long couple of days stuck in that wonderfully frustrating world of database held. Thankfully the weather has been wickedly weird and thus much easier to resist the urge for a quick foray out to the lower in search of a rise or two. Yesterday morning looked ideal, but things changed and the wind started to howl, plus I crashed our system for the nineteenth million time in the last two months. I would have never guessed that my life would be so wrapped up in digital shit when I started down this fly shop/guide life back in 1999! 
But alas, things are back to the one step ahead thing (I'm anticipating two back tomorrow), got me a fresh Cortisone shot on Monday for the elbow, my oldest son turned 15 on Monday, my internet at home is back to being good, my wife says that she loves me, the guide season is fast approaching, water is calling more and more…so life is a lot better than it looks!
I had an interesting talk today about the ff industry. Got me thinking about how nice it is for us (Fins & Feathers) to just be able to do our thing and have fun while trying our best to help other anglers and prospective anglers have fun and catch some fish too. We just worry about ourselves, which makes for a lot less spinning of the wheels worrying about things we can't control. Freedom is under-rated, yet much appreciated!

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