Monday, February 10, 2014


Wrapped up the Bighorn trip yesterday morning after about an hour or two on the water…cold everything, broken rods, and a steady dose of winter precip. The catching was good enough, but battling the elements brought to mind the question of "why?" followed by the answer of "nobody cares!" I really don't low what the fish were eating other than that they were eating whatever we had on we could get a decent drift through some water with a little depth. Worms, sowbugs, and little bug things…not a lot of fly changing going on.
Best part of the weekend for me was just getting out and away to some water with friends. We had some laughs at each other with ice hanging off gear and beards. There was a little shit talking going on here and there as well, which always gets me fired up for a good time. Coyotes were going nuts at night and we pretty much had the river to ourselves. It was good to fish cold water…not as cold as the air though!

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