Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've been so busy being buried in the minutia for so long now that the humdrum of the everyday just gets lost! We've been getting lots of new stuff in the shop all winter long and most things just come in and go on the shelves, wall, or wherever the hell we can fit it right now.
Today, though, we got a couple of the new American made CFO's from Orvis in the shop and I did a double take. They are very sweet and simple. The click drag probably won't be the shiznick for everybody, but man it sounds very sweet! Lightweight, simple, and sexy in that Michelle Pfiefer kind of sexy way. Not to be confused with SI Swimsuit or Victoria Secret sexy…just classy sexy. Any kind of sexy is alright with me to be honest, but I definitely dig the Pfeifer kind of sexy above all else, especially when talking reels.

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