Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Hit the pow pow this weekend, nose to the grindstone rest of time. Except for a few hours playing in the wind on the lower yesterday afternoon. Fishing sucked, wind sucked, and I got stuck in the snow on foot…there is probably a you tube posting of it somewhere…you can find it if its there but I don't know where it is or ever care to see it as I lived it.
Lots of stuff been going on at the shop as the database project is starting to come together, the new license year is here (hooray!), and people are getting the itch. We received the go ahead from YNP to guide in the park this year. Just got in 2 new lines of reels today (Cheeky and Bozeman Reels) both pretty full of awesome sauce for what they are.
Haven't spent much time with either but am excited to learn more…hard to beat the Made in Bozeman theme though…Yes, I would carry SIMMS if they would sell it to us BTW, so don't be thinking that I have a SIMMS hate thing as that is just misinformed thinking based on silly Assumptions.
All of my BS aside, I do truly value my community of Boz-Angelas and like to support my fellow BA'ers. It's been my home for more than 1/2 my life now and though it has changed quite a bit, there's no place I'd rather be stuck in traffic than right here in Bozeman. In general, people work hard here to live here and that's hardly more evident than in manufacturing jobs here in Bozeman…there are a lot of places where things could be done cheaper, so it's pretty cool that companies can make great stuff here, provide good jobs, and breathe a little bit of the BA into something that is just a thing through some MT  TLC.
On that note, I'm heading out of here day after tomorrow for a spring break away trip with my wife to Belize. I'd be lying if I said I'm not completely jacked up about the trip and that I have spent more time than not geeking out about it the last week. Tying weed guards on most of my bonefish flies as I don't want to get chastised for bringing a bunch of weed loving flies with me once again, yet I am too lazy and unskilled to tie a bunch of freshies. Even got out the prsimacolors and sharpies to get that just right hue of green. Looking forward to spending hours upon hours  in the wind staring at mile after mile of nothingness in hopes that a hungry and ignorant permit will lazily grub away 25' feet from the boat in 4-6' of water - knowing that happened last week…not the week I will be there. Oh yeah, I'm also really excited about hanging out with my wife in a kid free zone on a beach that is not full of half-named French women with nasties hanging out everywhere!

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