Friday, March 07, 2014


Arrived in Dallas yesterday for a 2 day layover before heading to Belize. One of the reasons my wife and I head to Belize for these trips is that we can leave my little dude with my parents in Dallas, fly direct from Dallas to Belize. I like the fishing in Mexico as well, but it's just not as easy to get to as Belize…in terms of where I like to fish in Mexico…and the diving is not as good as in Belize either…important for my wife in case you wonder.
Nothing like going back to the roots for a couple of days, but it does not take long to be reminded of why I don't ever want to to live in Dallas again! I realized that yesterday as we were flying in and looked out across the great flatness and noticed a thick brown goopy haze hanging just below the clouds as far as one could see. Quick stop and off to Belize.

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