Monday, March 10, 2014


So here I set on a patio in Belize, overlooking the second largest barrier reef in the world and listening to breakers crashing. I just ate a couple conch fritters and am also enjoying a Blu city. Not a bad way to end the day.
Yesterday, however, started off with that ever familiar feeling of a knife being jabbed into my gut, followed by a few hours of puking on airplanes. What an awesome day of travel! The airport in Dallas was so crowded that it looked like some shit you'd see in Beirut as everyone flees before the Israelis drop a nuke. The window seat ride following a 50mg dose of phenergin suppository inserted in the bathroom at the international terminal in bid D. Follow the awesome flight by an hour and half in customs at Belize City. Next came the 1.5 hour boat ride out to the lodge, oh and My wife's luggage didn't make it to Belize. So it was kind of a shitty day, yesterday. Shitty enough to make today seem awesome even though we got skunked.
The benefits to all that for today were that I got to fish with my wife, favorite saltwater guide while feeling awesome to just not be puking my ass off!
I am going to race hermit crabs with my wife tonight and then.

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