Monday, March 10, 2014


Sitting in the same patio as last night, feeling a lot better about the world and my role in it. What a feeling to not think about the digital minutia for one nanosecond the last few days!
Day two in Belize was better than day one, woke up and went outside to catch a while the sun peeked up over the Caribbean. Was able to eat an entire breakfast and headed out in search of Pepe la Permit. We mostly fished the sw side of the atoll this morning and didn't see much of shit, caught the smallest bonefish of my angling career. Lots of clouds were making for some tough sighting conditions.
We chased some permit but never got within a couple hundred feet. Then looked for Tarpon, but found no tarpon, but a couple permit at the end of the drift. I never saw the permit as I had a little barracuda on and my guide was pissing off the back of the boat when they drifted by. So, we decided to go look for snook...there are no snook here...confirmed. At this point, guide asks me "what you want to do man?"
I say go to flat, but flat is a long ride so let's just keep looking form nothing which we did for a bit and then headed east to a flat on the reef.  Got a boner right off the bat, saw very few other except for 100 or so that we're sleeping in 3" of water. The we went to super secret spot for permit and I saw one and the two...too far up the reef to get the boat in so I lept out and proceeded on foot. We all know how the story ends so I will spare the details. Two good shots at two tailing Permits, followed flies but no eat. My heart did do some thumping though. Walking back to the boat, I realized that today was like taking the ball ping hammer to my thump and pinky...only a few more and I get that morphine shot.

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