Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It's good to be home and surrounded by mountains and snow once again. We made it home Sunday afternoon, but my body is yet to catch up from the travels. Honestly, I've already started scheming my way back to Pepeville this year as the ass kicking I took was just too much…I do better with the last punch or last word at least.
I really don't think there is a more challenging and fun species of fish than Permit. Outside of a big NZ trout itching to eat a big dry, nothing gets me twitching like a tailing Permit. I can handle rejection, inadequacies, and failure…that much was proven last week. Honestly, if someone was shooting video of me last week, it would have looked like Helen Keller trying to lasso a Rhino…entertaining for everyone except the Rhino and Helen. That is how I felt most of last week. Haunted is an understatement.
So, back in the shop working on getting caught up with everything. Hoping to have our e-commerce site up an live in 2 weeks. Trying to get the fly bins I bought this winter put together and installed. We are getting new product in everyday, so just trying to see what all we have has been overwhelming. Trying to hire a few new people…if you know anyone tell them to talk to me! Snow is out of the boat, cooler is still full from my last trip of 2013 (proof once again that a Yeti would be a bad investment for me). Working on my guide schedule a little bit, sorting out fishing schools, finishing up the YNP permit, new credit card processors, and more. Hope to ski a couple more times, but thinking that I'd rather go fishing.

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