Sunday, March 23, 2014


Been running around the last few days looking for spring but still finding winter. Had the chance to get on the river today with some bro brahs. Fished the Yellowstone through town in the sun, wind, and snow at times. Threw streamers all day and had fish eating and chasing most of the day. I had some immense arm pain, the kind of pain that most people would have called 911 for, yet I was still able to row for my bra's…that's what tough guys do. We did see some fish eating midges and I and an inept attempt at a pod of crazy risers only to put them all down in a 3 minutes. River was looking good and the fish were eating…nice.
Had some thoughts today about springtime fishing in Montana too. BWO's are getting close, rainbow spawning season is here, fish have seen little pressure in awhile…not a bad time of year to be fishing here in SW Montana. There was one other trailer at the ramp, but we never saw another angler on the water with the exception of a worm dunker nestled in the rocks at the park in Livingston. I wonder what the MO or the Horn was like today? Don't really care as I was on the Yellowstone and it was good!

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