Tuesday, April 15, 2014


photo courtesy of Ian Davis
Made it back to Bozeman yesterday afternoon…I drove back from Dallas. Rest of week at Tflats was great fro me as I had a few days of pressure free fishing. Not much more in the way of fish, but plenty of time to chill and have some laughs. It has been a longtime since everything went my way on a fishing trip, so I particularly savored this one. The weather changed dramatically for the worse about 2 hours after I landed my permit so it felt good to be able to look at the rain and clouds without the dread of what could have been lingering in the back of my mind.
I actually have a lot to write about the trip and the experience, but I had some platelets injected into my elbow about two hours ago it hurts like hell to type. It kind of feels like someone is slowly jabbing a chisel into my elbow right now. So, I'm back, it was fun and I'm looking forward to focusing on trout for the next couple of months.

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