Thursday, April 24, 2014


Life gets back to normal once again tomorrow. Not that life hasn't been really, really good the last 4-6 weeks…but it has been far from normal. A couple trips to Belize, driving new car back from Dallas (Cactus, Texas is as close to the A-hole of America that I have found so far BTW), having parents in for Easter (which happened to coincide with my 7 year old's birthday, and then having my 15 year old home with us for the first time in over a year for a few days. I really love my kids. Like I said, it's not that it hasn't been really, really fun but it has been far from normal.
The elbow has been feeling better everyday, the nasty tow infection seems to have finally dried up and leave after two months, the weather is feeling very "springy," and I am excited to get back to focusing my days on what I really love.
Amongst all the craziness, we did finally mange to get our new e-commerce site up and live today. There are some glitches and bugs to work out, plus a billion more products to add, but after 1.5 years it is pretty cool to be able to actually see a glimpse of our hard work! Charlie, Steven, and I have put gobs and gobs of hours into this…along with the team at our POS company…Posim. I think you could actually buy something on it as of today…I would hold off and use the other one for the next couple of weeks…but if you are feeling frisky and just want to buys something from us online…try it.

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