Sunday, April 27, 2014


Despite some nasty weather the last couple of days, I headed west with the "Little Ball Inside" and "Cajun Slammer." Sounded like the Big Hole was an option, maybe better than the lower or the upper, so we went that way after some deliberations over the last 24 hrs. Along the way, we were able to kind of confirm that the Jefferson and Lower lower were both dirty, but we weren't real sure as we were driving fast and it was early enough in the morning that coffee and a e-cigs were paramount in my mind anyway.
We ended up fishing below Melrose and had a day that would rate as "good enough." We got some fish on streamers, 1.75 on a dry, found a football, watched some puking, and found out that an Adipose can go over a 1' wave without sinking. Also, I was able to fish and row all day with minimal pain in the my elbow…probably the most significant event today, next to listening to Ben tell me why fish on the Big Hole like yellow so much…its' what people fish is I think the explanation we settled on.
Good water was fished well today.

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