Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I am most excited about the fact that my elbow is not killing me today, nor did it hurt to bad after rowing and fishing (like a stud) on Sunday. I've even been able to spend most of the last two days working on the computer with no pain. I know it sounds overdramatic, but that pain has largely to blame for my lack of blogging the last few months. I've spent so much time typing that my elbow would be killing me at night and typing seems to irritate it severely.
What's the haps paps? Yellerstone reportedly cleaning up…will be a short window…maybe caddis with a little luck. The lower is in good shape now too. The Gallatin is in good shape as is the upper. Point being…maybe not too bad a time to get after it the next few days as summer is coming tomorrow.
Other than that, making progress in the shop as the new product arrivals has been quiet the last couple of days…other than a good-sized box filled to the rim of streamers from Rainy's that I am going to hoard in my office all year.
Went to the doctor today to get a tiny wart removed from one of my toes that has been messed up for a couple of months. First thing he asks is where am I off to next. Got me thinking that I have it really, really good. I remember wishing and scheming for years, before I got into this business, on ways to make fishing my life rather than my hobby. I am far from arrived, but enjoying the ride. Go fish.

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