Thursday, May 08, 2014


I had every intention of heading out to the lower this evening and looking for rising fish. I caught a cold a couple of days ago and it decided to beat me down around 4:30 today…luckily, my wife was almost done mowing the yard when I got home.
The cold weather brought some stuff back around today, the Gallatin looked very fishable in that rubber leg and worm sort way. Flows on the lower looked good this morning and the upper has been solid enough too.
Spent most of the day today working on rearranging some stuff in the shop, receiving new stuff, and generally feeling like a named mole running through the Sahara in search of a new mate (saw that on Nat Geo) the other night.
Heading up to the Missouri in a couple of days for my first guide trip of the season. Elbow is feeling good, so this should be a great test. I used to love the Missouri in the spring. Quiet, nymphing, lots of fish. I'm sure there will be plenty of nymphing and fish. Ahhh….the good ol' days when the ditch was just a ditch and the world had not yet been sold on the idea of the MO as the holy water. It is just a ditch afterall…just my opinion…but it is just a ditch with a lot of fish…ditch…ditch….ditch

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