Sunday, May 11, 2014


Living the dream today on the glorified irrigation ditch known as the Missouri River. Blanket hatch of March Bronwns and BWO's with nada rise unless you consider a rise being a fish eating a wire worm 10' below the indicator with a 4 oz piece of tin anchoring it down!
Fishign was actually good and pleasant today deposit my negative preconceptions about the setting. Not many folks out (it was snowing and raining all day with a high of about 42), fish eating streamers and nymphs, with the wind being mild to not bad. The green landscape highlighted with some fresh now and low clouds made for some awesome scenery. The fish were plantiful, strong,and happy as we're both guide and angler too. Still, I could go for some warm air and not snow.
I am shot of NyQuil and an ambien into my night....think I will check out and go steal some ice cream from Strainer's freezer...maybe wonder over to Izaaks in my boxers and order some Calamari...wish you were here!

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