Wednesday, June 04, 2014


The word is that the Madison is already fishing again, flows are dropping on the MO, waters are greening up…blah blah blah. Looks to me like there is still a crap load of snow to come out of them there hills…but maybe not. My opinion, which could be very wrong as I have not done any looking, is that the last few nights have been cooler and slowed things down…hard for me to imagine that we can expect to be back to normal in a few weeks.
Just looked at streamflows (after that last paragraph) on the Madison. 1840 at Kirby, 3G at Varney. That means that Ruby and Indian are kicking in almost 30% of that water at Varney…I would guess it's dirtier lower than higher…I'm a genius.
The MO has dropped to 6G? Those fish must be freaking. Caddis out, one of the few clean water places…very busy…almost wadeable…my head hurts just thinking about what my blood pressure would be like at 10 am up there this weekend. Ouch.
The stone? Dropping…doable at 10-11g with a foot of viz. Not really ideal until 8500 or so, but who can wait? If it hits 11G…boats will be out.
The Jeff looks pretty fubarred, but it could mostly be coming from the Big Hole which means more tea than mud…go give it a shot.
Is it really almost over? Maybe, maybe not. This last surge could be like that late April surge we get most years and the heavy stuff is yet to come.

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Joshua Bergan said...

I agree - doesn't seem like it can be all downhill yet, but many credible reports are saying the flows have peaked, statewide. My money's on another surge, but we shall see ...