Monday, June 09, 2014


Been busy wrapping things up the last week…stuff like mowing, database, spraying clothes, placing orders…etc. The rivers are coming in shape very quickly, specifically the upper and lower Madison. They both actually look prime…or they did yesterday.
Headed down to Ashton, Idaho yesterday for a Patagonia event. Didn't take rod with me and driving along the upper was driving me crazy as it looked JUICY. Henry's Fork was low.
Flew to Dallas this morning from Idaho Falls, head to Miami tomorrow afternoon, Bolivia the day after tomorrow. Jungle country after that for 8-10 days. Super jacked up I am. Bags packed, wire bought, flies tied, sorted, and clothes are bug proof…I hope.
Today though, I stumbled across a fly bin full of double gonga's in Tan/Yel. Kind of felt like Gollum in LOR with the ring at the end. Who knew a fly could make one so happy?

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