Sunday, June 15, 2014


Day 2 of fishing was a bust as the river came up several feet and turned the color of shit red. If you stred real hard, there may have been an inch of viz. the guides were worried about log jams  and flows be being  to fast for their 15 hp motors. So, we sat in the lodge, which is really a covered porch,  for the duration of the day. I made a fe ventures down to the river to make a few hopeless casts with the rod. I thought I might take some photos instead, but apparrentl Deet repels butterflies as well. Every time I got within 3', they flew away. I found some mushrooms that held tight though.
So, day 3 has just arrived and so far things are dry. The river has dropped  a few feet, but still looks closer in color to the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park....I think I see some Latino people swimming which garbage bags over the shoulders.
But, as this is Fathers' Day and I am with my Dad, fishing in Bolivia, I guess that there is little to complain about after all. Happy pappy day to all you paps out there...go fish with your kids.

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