Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The Bolivian Shitshow officially wrapped up a few days ago, yet is till reeling around in my head at night. A full "debrief" will follow shortly as my body has not yet caught up. Everything was fun until the last flight leg from Dallas to Bozeman was delayed three hours in SLC. It only took Delta switching us 3 planes before everyone felt good about the trip... I landed in BZNSLC at 230 am the night before last. So, I'm still always from unpacking and sorting through pics and videos.
Also, the rivers are looking great, whispers  of Salmonflies are being heard louder each day as we all await the real deal.
Anyway, it's great to be home and I'll get the pics and vids up here in the next day or two. It can be summarized by rain, missed days of fishing, a general sharing is the Schneider among the group over several days, lackluster dining, crappy fishing and worse catching, flying little planes in 55 knot winds 2 hours to go land on some drug lord's private jungle runway watching native know on balls of cocoa leaves dipped in running alcohol and baking soda seemed to give one a glazed over look while they poled us up and down in the rivers while we sat in a tree that had a chunk chiseled out of most other- they called them canoese. Broken 4x4 and an infective ability to communicate with our Spanish speaking hosts are among the most notable challengers we faced.
On the good side, it was fun as shit to watch the locals shoot their slingshots in effectively at game of reptilian and avian quarry. There were I-2 good meals, the jungle is pretty awesome, butterflies of every color, friendly people everywhere, and the time some with the locals was priceless in the value gained with the appreciation of how they are so happy with so little. I did catch a few nice fish and the time with dad and buddies made it all seem alright in the end.

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