Friday, July 04, 2014


Happy 4th of July to all of A-Merica! I hope to God that you aren't heading to the lower for a leisurely float and fish today. Looks to me like everyone not at the Ennis Parade this morning is at the 4-Corners Town Pump with their innertubes...some bikini's running around though.
Did a late float on the upper yesterday (against my own advice) and got a few fish to eat some mothy caddis dries, one nice one. Lots of bugs out, big and small, but not much showing interest in the flies. I dont' know, might have had something to do with 50+ boats that were ahead of us...I could be wrong. Afternoon storms rolled in, but we escaped the rain, lightning, hail part of actually missed us more than we avoided it. Got some fish to eat streamers.
Monumental moment of the day? 18-20" brown on a dry fly is officially the firs fish landed in the new boat. So take that.

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