Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Fished with my family over the weekend and had a great time. It's hard not to take pride in my 7 year old as he yells BOOYAH at his mom every time he lands a fish! I think she was ready to drown him about noon on the second day.
The Yellowstone looked good, had lots of bugs out, but it was still pretty high and tough to fish real well. We got some fish on dries, but I thought that we could have gotten quite a bit more if we could have kept the flies tighter to the bank and fished a dropper. Plus, there is a lot of soft water pockets that are holding fish and I think by working those more while anchored on the bank, we could have done well enough. It's only getting better.
The lower was an absolute shit show with tubers and is starting to get weedy. I would think that they will be miserable in another week unless the fish start eating dries…it's getting warm too.

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