Monday, July 21, 2014


Today went better than planned thanks to a good angler, some clouds, and lots of happy fish on the Yellowstone. Fished downstream of Livingston a bit and had one guy fishing streamers all day with tons of chases, plenty to hand, one very nice fish. Picture? I forgot how to take good photos.
In general, the lower river is in great shape right now for fishing tight to the banks with big nymph rigs dead-drifted or streamers stripped. You can find some fish eating hoppers here and there, especially around some of the long riffles right now. It's always a great flow right now to find some nice fish in skinny water, but the river is dropping quickly so this is the time to work it. Finding fish on heavy water banks, skinny water runs, and anywhere there is a break from the current. Im not BS'n here, so make a point of it and go.

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