Sunday, July 20, 2014


One of those days that did not go quite as planned. The plan was meet at 6:00, drive east, fish, go home. That kind of was how it played out.
Awoke at 5, went to the shop, got lunches, went to hotel, headed east at 6:00 am. Floated the Boulder, which is still pretty high. It fished great, lots of fish, some 15-17" browns. Nymphing was so good, I had a hard time getting my dude's to give it up for dries. Nymphing was really good. Problem was that the river is high and we bombed through to Otter by 2:30 but I was near the end of the shuttle list and I was looking at a 4:30-5:00 shuttle.
So, we fished Otter to Pelican in a few hours, got off the water around 6. The stone was good too, same as yesterday except I went a lot faster. I think I could have down that float in an hour and a half if I wanted to. So, no tragedies, just a long day with lots of fishes. Yellowstone is dropping fast
Oblivion here I come.

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