Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Awoke this morning at 3:30 and had a restless couple hours after that, hoping for sleep yet craving a puff on the e-cig. I chose restlessness for some reason. Nicotine is the great Satan of drugs and it owns me!
After that, headed to the shop where I was reminded that youze gots to cut loose with chartreuse, I haven't been in the shop in a couple of days, and that a real air conditioner would be awesome! Got the bugs and headed down there for the day as I was feeling that the Yellerstone was probably dirtier than I wanted it to be.
The fishing was weird to me today, a good start followed by endless row a rounds with the occasional eat. It seemed like the bite should have been good so I am going to blame it on a possible change in water temp, color, or flow…I have not looked at any of those things but it was an odd day. Good anglers, good water, tough bite. Fortunately they both got a nice fish early on and had some good action for an hour or two. Little bugs, big bugs, worms, zonkers, more weight, less weight, shallow, deeper, inside, outside, etc. Odd and I was the first boat down. Shit happens.

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