Sunday, July 27, 2014


Got of to a little bit later start than usual today so we headed for Paradise Valley to join the masses of idiots and weekend warriors. Idiots in that they tend to "jam" up boat ramps for no apparent reason and weekend warriors as that's when the real world gets to be on the river (no harm there). I was an idiot for   putting myself in a boat surrounded by idiots and weekend warriors in other boats.
So, we had some moments of good fishing but mostly the worthless tug of the illustrious and note bale Mountain Whitefish variety. If not for a couple of 18-19" Browns, spectacular scenery and even better weather…the day would have sucked. Every time I wanted to switch banks there was a line of boats, tubes or rafters pinning me to where I was. Fish weren't eating much, but I think we were the 40th boat down, so it's hard to say. The good fish we found were where you would expect them to be given the current flows. One of the nicer Browns chased a Sculpin 10' before eating it, that was pretty cool to watch happen. Paradise Valley is pretty, the river is nice, people suck.

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