Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Amazing what a difference a day can make it one's attitude and outlook on life. The day started early with mild weather, awesome anglers, and a road trip to one of my favorite stretches of the Yellowstone. Sometimes I drive a lot and people just don't want to do it, so I get very excited when they not only agree to it, but suggest it.
There's usually a reason for driving awhile and finding good fishing, but a lot of people care more about the "experience" and "scenery" than the fishing. Blow me is a term that oft comes to mind following comments like that  but I keep it to myself and give in to the role of tour guide and naturalist. At my core, I'm a fishing guide and I ASSUME that people want to catch fish, see less people, and generally have a good time. So, it's pretty awesome to be a fishing guide and not a baby-sitter, most of my trips are more guide oriented, but the fish manny position does get called on a little too much for me…at times.
Had a good streamer bite all day today, not epic, but very solid…it helped greatly that the dude and dudette could get it done. All I had to do was look for good water and keep the boat going. The combo worked today. Only disappointment was a lack of looky-loos at the hopper. Tan and Yellow early, Olive later…fished on a sink-tip line at a backwards angle from the boat and straight-stripped. Hungry, happy fish are hard to beat, life is good. Day off tomorrow…wonder where I'll be….

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