Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Had a great time on the Yellowstone today with a couple of buddies that I have not had the chance to fish with enough in this lifetime. Lots of laughs, some moaning and grunting, mediocre fishing with blips of goodness, no hopper bite.
We fished streamers hard with the occasional grab until later in the day when Modobi decided to go old school with an Autumn Splendor (JJ Special). Have no idea why they ate that over the sculpins, but they did. If one were to over-analyze it, it appeared to have something to do with the hover rather than the sink and strip. Whatever it was, it worked to our befuddlement. I think they were taking it for midnight stones caught in the middle of a mid-day sex party. The bite went from nothing to quite a few once we put the yellow rubber-legger on. Just one more example of taking lessons from those that came before me in the life aquatic.
Fun day, no matter how you slice it.

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