Friday, July 11, 2014


Went down there today, still lots of water in the ol' river which is good for the coming weeks though I like it best when its low and the fish eat best in the mornings. Seemed like a bit of a shitshow behind me judging from the take out. Did see a brightly colored hot pink bikini bottom with a little dangling shiny thing in the ol' belly button….a lot of rigs with a drift boat trailers too.
Overall, things are out of control crazy right now with 430 am wake ups, driving aimlessly to the shop with the lingering effects of ambient causing me to marvel at the sun coming up and senseless nature of trying to run a retail business while guiding a lot.
I was dreading starting to row again just a few days ago and now I feel like its the only thing in my life that I was ever meant to do, that I enjoy, Notice how there has been no elbow whining? PRP. Maybe bought an e-cog tonight too. 7 hours of oblivion coming my way, followed by a day of mile after mile of nothingness. It's gonna be good.

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