Thursday, July 10, 2014


Ever had a guide say "You should have been here yesterday."? Well, I'm not saying that's what I'm saying, but I have a feeling that is what I'll be saying tomorrow. The stone was good today with lots of hungry fish, nothing big, but lots and maybe a few that could have been big, but we never saw them.
Fished with a grandpa and his 14 year old grandson that had never fly fished from a boat and only messed with it a couple of times before.  The kid was crazy good for a never ever…better than most that think they are pretty good. Great to watch him get it done ramp to ramp today.
What else? Got to Livingston and the river looked like Paul Bunyan had a serious case of mud butt all night long. Had thoughts of going up high anyway, but opted for taking a look down lower. Ended up clearing up around 350, so we kept going east and had good water all day. The plug was a couple miles behind us at the end of the day. Water was looking good in Livingston when I drove over it heading home.
Tomorrow is the big shit show float that happens every year. hundreds of people in jet boats, cattle troughs, rafts, tubes, etc. They float from Livingston to Laurel, Tomorrow is the HWY 89 - Big Timber day.

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