Saturday, August 02, 2014


Worked in the shop on Thursday and Friday doing some catchup with the biz and then headed up to the Blackfoot last night with my 7 year old and a buddy and his son for a little father and son on the water day. As usual, nothing goes as planned and we ended up getting out of BA much later than anticipated which put us at the Sportman's Motel in Lincoln around 11 instead of the North Fork Lodge around 6. The sportsman's is cheap for a reason.
Met up with our guides around 8:30, got on the water by 10. Had some good dry fly fishing for a couple of hours on Spruce Moths and then things sizzled out. Unfortunatley for me, I only had gongs and sinking lines…but my son had his trusty Tenkara and a handful of Spruce Moth Patterns. We had a great time on the water today. What a cool thing that is for me to be able to say that I went fishing with my kid today! I have a feeling that I have a new travel companion in the making. My best fish of the day was a Squawfish…I maybe had a Cut that was a little bigger. Back to punning nails in the morning.

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