Friday, August 08, 2014


Met up with some A-teamers today and headed to the lower Yellowstone, instead of getting ahead of the dirty water…we caught up to it. It wasn't that dirty, but it had some color to it, cleared as the day went on. However, heading back from Big Timber, the river was pretty dirty from Springdale up, it looked more green than brown in Livingston, but it was raining and I was driving 85. Not a clear picture there, but it is a picture.
Better attitude tonight, happy to be a fishing guide instead of a car salesman tonight. Fishing wasn't real good today, had the feeling that it was small dry with a small dropper in the foam and corners fro small fish kind of day. We got enough to make it a good day, all on rubberlegs. I was reminded today that it is fishing and not catching and that sometimes my expectations of a good day aren't in line with everyone else's.
More than anything right now, I am just worn out from getting up so early. We've been very busy in the shop and with all of us guiding just about everyday. This is a shout out to my employees for working hard, doing a great job, and making all of this possible. All of them have been great this year. The longtime guys like Charlie and Steven have really stepped up to the plate with everything, staying late, running errands, doing whatever they need to do. But, everyone has been awesome and made my life and job much more enjoyable than typical for early August. The customers have been awesome too, which I think carries over to happy staff and happy fish.

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