Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Long day yesterday that included driving to Reed Point only to realize the river was f'n muddy, so drove back to Livingston and fished between the dirty water. There was some color to the water and ol' Pete turned into sloppy Pete about 11:00 am and 12 miles from the takeout. Long day with some suicidal fish around.
Down there today and got 'em good. No rubber leg love, worms and little bugs. Size 22 quill nymph off a big worm fished deep in the slow stuff. Felt a little bit like a champ after working it out. Got' em good. Tired and sleepy.
Had a lot of good thoughts today about the special-licousness of being on a river in Montana as the sun comes up. Finding the squeal of Osprey's and Eagles to be growing old and annoying. Glad that I'm not a deer or a raccoon. Whitefish are worthless. Caught my first Westslope Cutthroat down there today, they are not worthless. Like my RO Deville Nomad more and more. I like the Sharkwave line and the new RIO Gold line with the In-Touch core, better than any private label Cabellas line. I appreciate my Hemo Holster everyday, good for holding e-cigs and hemostats. How do Marmots live long enough to grow fat? Rip-Rap is one of the best inventions of mankind. I have been guiding the fly fishing version of a young Benjamin Button the last few days. It's amazing to me how similar a 7 year old is to an 87 year old in so many ways.

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