Sunday, August 10, 2014


Patience was back today, fishing was good today, life is good today. Fished the lower Madison and had tugs from ramp to ramp on Sculpins and Black Tailwater Tiny's. Sculpins surprised me, Tailwater tiny not so much. Never did pump a fish, but they are usually eating those pesky black fly pupa really well about now, just when you think it's Trico's, it's balck fly pupa zipping through the water column. Fish were eating good on the drag all day. No biggies, had a couple on, but lots of good to small fish.
The old man is back for what might be his last year. He's 87 and drives out here from California every year. Every year we all think it's his last, but he shows up again, year after year. Don't know why, but watching him fish for the love of fishing kind of makes me jealous and hopeful that he gets 'em good everyday. Sure, his cast tends to get pretty sloppy after he takes his Vicatin at lunch, but he never complains and just gives it his all. Makes me feel good about the world for a few days every year.

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