Monday, August 25, 2014


Lower madness today as he front finally broke and the sun came out. Might just have been the nicest day on the river in 2-3 months. Lots of floating weeds this morning, but they seemed to thin out later in the day. Not much of a sculpin or crawdad bite today, here and there, fish were hunkered in the holes and eating on Pseudo nymphs. By pseudo nymph, I mean a small PMD wonder nymph to be precise. Early in the day, they were on the black fly pupae. Pounded nails, and got some good fish to the boat.
The bigger picture was that the weather was perfect, dudes great,  and it feels good to be on the lower with fish that will treat you honestly. By honestly I mean that they are in the mood to do what they should given the bugs and the water conditions.
More importantly, I am looking forward to some off the sticks time and possibly some fishing later in the week.

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