Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Shop day today, along with some getting caught up with some things around town. Ordering seems to be a never ending process these days and its hard to get jacked up about placing fly tying and accessories fill-in orders that take hours to put together, but that was my life at work today. If not for the wonderful people that I work with, it would have been a less than stellar day in the books. Think I will go fish tomorrow and I bet my outlook on things will be better as I was born to fish, not stare at database crap.
While staring at data today, I was reminded that we have a ton of inventory despite a record year in the shop. There is never ending series of new stuff arriving all of the time it seems. New flies require finding empty bins and discontinued patterns, new glasses require getting rid of old ones, new fly lines call for more product knowledge, and on and on.
Plus, our new e-comm site is up and running, so trying to get the new up and whittle down the old is a whole new bag of worms. Check it out, browse the closeout section for crazy deals, browse the wading boot section for some good boot deal, we are closing out Orvis Superfine Touch and Orvis Access rods as they are both either being updated or discontinued for 2015.

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