Saturday, August 30, 2014


The storm finally arrived late last night, maybe around 4 am, maybe 6, maybe 11? All I know is that sometimes it's hard for me to get out of bed when it's raining to go spend the day in the rain. However, conditions seemed perfect for a good streamer bite and ez nymphing on the lower. Well, streamer fishing wasn't any good and nymphing had it's moments, but not its hours today.
One A teamer and one D teamer in the boat made for some challenging drifts and plenty of weed picking due to poor drifts which were largely the result of poor boat positioning as I tried to keep D teamer fishing at the expense of the A-teamer. Regardless, the bite was not amazing today, far from it…didn't suck but lets call it a 6/10 for good measure. The weed grabbing was an 8/10. The inner-boat BS more like a 9/10 with moments of 10/10.
We had a brief post-linch thundershower come through during which the D-teamer tried to negotiate for a roadside drop off. We refused and made him tough it out like a real angler. A few more fish, a little but of sun, and his perkiness came back. Interesting watching a grown man turn into a 5 year old little kid as the rain started. More interesting watching him turn back into a man half an hour later.

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