Friday, September 12, 2014


The foul weather of the last 2 days has moved on and it felt once again like a fall day here in SW Montana rather than a mid-winter blizzard. Headed to the lower Madison today and found the fish to be cooperative rather than stubborn. Morning fishing the buckets with worms, sow bugs, and a lot of weight was good. Afternoon crayfish and lighting bugs. Still weeds but not as bad as they were a week or so ago. I had the awesome experience of dealing with an exploding winch strap as I was lowering my boat at Canaday. No better way to start the day than watching your boat go flying down a 20'  plastic ramp and water pouring into the boat while knowing that your bilge pump is safe and sound at the office. Made due with a loaner from Peter King of the bozeman angler which actually made the rest of the day go much better.
Wrapped up 4 days with a couple of my favorites and, as always, I am already looking forward to next year. I actually already miss them! Amazing how friendships and relationships come together in the pursuit of spotted fish that live in cold water. Kind of makes those grumpy days seem much further apart.

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