Monday, September 15, 2014


This past weekend was one filled with family responsiblities and a wandering eye to days ahead on the water. Feels like I have been rowin boats a lot,f or awhile now, and the slow burn of the frstration associated with not being able to get caught up with other things is grinding me down. When push comes to shove, family comes first, but I think that I will always feel the rip towards days full of irresponsibly chasing water around. It is a daily struggle for me to not go fish! After all, it is my work so I shouldn't feel bad about going to work...right?
Anyway, I went to TwinBridges Satyrday morning to watch my son run in a CC meet. I had a little time to kill, so a few gongs laden casts were made on the lower Madison. One 6" brown to hand and I loaded up and kept on driving. Wish it would have been bigger, but it was stills trout on a giant streamer. After the meet, I poked around a couple places along the Jefferson in a nasty upriver wind...nada bady. then I poked around a little stream that looked juicy but would have required some hiking and a change of that one for more ambitious days!
Back in the shop today where I once again got sucked into digital rabbit hole that has become my life off the water. It's so frustrating at times as our new ecommerce site has so much potential which is only that because we can't get the products to all work they are suppose to. Some products are fine, other work like some bamboo farmer sitting in a rice hut in China is our webmaster! It's coming along, just painfully slow. Back to the shop tomorrow where I will try to avoid the call of the hole!

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