Thursday, September 18, 2014


I can hardly believe that the weekend is almost here once again. Something about time flying more swiftly with age I guess. Had a cancellation this week which let me do some catching up and running around. Shop has still been busy, but ti seems like the crowds of summer have left.
I head over to Missoula tomorrow night for my last hurrah of the season working the sticks. Bitter something, Black something, and one of the Clark rivers for 10 days. Seems like I always have a good time over there this time of year, so looking forward to a change of scenery and hopefully some fish eating Hecubas, Hoppers, and streamers.
Biggest challenge right now is just getting my head above water at the shop and taxes. Oct 15 is coming up…&*^%. Starting to work on orders for next year already, dig out of the rabbit hole, and try to have some fun at it all.
We are sending some of our employees to Turnefee Flats in a couple of weeks, so those guys are pretty jacked up. I had originally thought I could swing it too, but the family put the brakes on 3 trips with Dubs in 2014! Tflats has some great deals now through November if you are looking for a last minute SW getaway. Give the guys at Yellow Dog a call if you want some more info. There are some 2 for the price of one deals to be found.

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