Monday, September 22, 2014


Nice to get off the river at a normal hour today. Last couple of days have been fine in terms of the fishing, little slower today on the lower Blackfoot, but we had plenty of challenges with a heavy upstream wind. On the other hand, I left my oars in Bozeman so I had to track down  pair to borrow and with my oars are my life jackets. Got lucky on a hook up of them and finally found some in Missoula at Sports Authority as my hook up wants them back. Drove to MIssoula this morning only to realize I left my wallet at the house, drove back to the house, couldn't find my wallet…it was in my truck. Typical couple of days.
Fished the lower Clark Fork yesterday and had a good hopper bite for awhile, got some fish on honkers, got some fish on little dries. Not bad, not great. Pretty either way and nice day on the water. Didn't get back to town until around 8:30 last night, bed at 11…not so good.
Lower Blackfoot today, couple fish early and then slow morning. Got some fish to eat droppers here and there in the afternoon and a few to eat hopper patterns. Ended up being not bad. But there was a nasty upstream wind most of the day and the glare in the lower part of the float was obscene. Headache bad. Forgot my buff and felt like my skin was cooking like fried taquitos.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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