Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Got on some good water today and had some good weather too. Good morning bite dead drifting junk, switched up the anglers, it started getting hot, bite slowed down. Went to hopper/dropper and got a good dink bite. Plenty of mumbling going through my brain this afternoon about nocturnal stones, purple nymphs, and a dead drift…some crayfish thoughts too.
Ive been fishing with these guys for years now, maybe over 10 and it's always a treat to spend a few days with them. I feel old now as I talk to them and realize that their teenagers are all grown up, going to law school and having families. Why does life go so much faster the older you get? Make it slow down please!
A rather uneventful day in terms of complaints. Then, yes there is a then, as we said our goodbyes and did the awkward tip dance at the end, I discovered that it is possible to lock your FOB in a 2010 Suburban. 10 minutes and $75 later, I had the keys in hand and drive off! I opted for a straight shot back to the house with plans to grill some Brats for dinner. House has no grill, microwaved Brats aren't as good as one might think. Thus is the life of a traveling hillbilly like myself.

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