Thursday, September 25, 2014


Had a little hiccup yesterday about 7 pm that had to with double bookings and an inability on my part to understand how calendars work. Got it sorted though and life is good again.
Fished the upper Blackfoot yesterday in the blazing sun. Got some fish on droppers in the morning, a few on dries. As the sun came up, ended up nymphing small runs and getting some fish. Thew some streamers later in the day and got some good fish, cuts, browns, and a bully or two. Ended up being a good day when it was all said and done with plenty of fish, pretty scenery, and enough BS to keep the laughs going.
Upper Clark Fork today. slow morning, an hour or two of ok fishing this afternoon. High anxiety level this morning, chill in the afternoon. Amazing what a few fish will do. Looking forward to some clouds tomorrow and cooler weather, might get fish eating streamers like they want them.

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