Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Well it's not too often that I become jealous of those that work for me, but this week has been an exception on one hand and an awakening on the other. First off, I'm jealous of the three amigos and their opportunity to go to Turneffee Flats Lodge this week. Second, I am also becoming more aware of how truly valuable all of my employees are and grateful for the ones that didn't get to join them. So, I'm feeling lucky is how I would describe it.

Life in a fly shop is not nearly as exciting as all of those bright-eyed, resume toting, email sending folks seek to think it will be! Sure, there is plenty of fishing talk to be had, geeing out on gear to be done, and  interacting with fun folks to be done. But, there is also a lot of answering stupid questions about fish aquarium store, trying to get deer hunters the right doe B tag for some god awful district in region 5, counting of flies, counting of flies, hours staring at computer screens, walking people through the intricacies of learning how to fly fish only to have them walk out with a grin and empty hands, and more counting of flies. After a few days, most people realize that it's a job at the end of the day.
I am lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and employ so many great folks over the years. They make my life, and the lives of our customers, better. They always say yes and give it their all. Hopefully, one day, we'll all be in Belize, but for the time being, I'm actually happy that Steven, Nick, and Charlie are there having fun. I'm happy that Jason, Bryn, Ron, and B2 are here to help me from smashing my head through the computer and making my days in the shop so much more fun.

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