Sunday, October 19, 2014


Off the blog grid for a few days while enjoying myself with friends, some family, and a bunch of Redfish in La. the last few days. Made ti back today and looking forward to some family time and working in the shop in the foreseeable future.

La was awesome to really good. Weather was great, food was great, fishing was great. It is such a crap shoot planning a trip down there as the weather comes an goes so often. Some clouds make for much more difficult conditions as it is sight fishing and the water always has a little color to it, plus the sky is big and unbroken. So, on cloudy days, things look more like a mirror than an ocean. If the wind is blowing, the bottom gets stirred up and the getting around the open water is hard, so more days than not end up getting cancelled. But, when the stars align, it's a tough place to beat for a few days of sight fishing to hungry fish that eat flies well.

We had about 10 minutes of cloud cover during our 3 days of fishing and the heaviest wind was maybe 10 mph for about 10 minutes as well. I had one of the funnest days of fishing that I've ever had yesterday. Mostly because I got to watch my dad do it right again and again on big fish. He and I ended up having one of those "silly'' days that we all hear about, yet typically miss by a week or two. Don't know how many we got, but I do know it was more than enough. The fish were where they should be, doing what the should be, and we happened to be fishing with a guide that knew the where and what for that day.

Fishing with my dad is always a little unnerving as I always really hope he catches a lot of fish and is happy. Maybe that's karma for all those days he and I spent fishing for Bass when I was younger, hoping that I out fished hime more than anything in the world. Funny how I remember fishing from the back of the boat, just wanting to catch more fish than him, yet I couldn't tell you if I ever did. But yesterday was different and though I wanted to catch a bunch of fish, I wanted him to catch as many or more. I don't know who caught more, but I do know that it didn't matter after all.

Other highlight for me yesterday was that our guide let me step up on the poling platform and push the boat around as he fished and my dad helped spot fish for him. We got him a couple of fish, one of which he claims was as big as he has ever personally landed. The qualifier for that is that he doesn't really get to fish that much so a couple pounds over 30 pounds was the number…I think we boated 5 fish over 30 pounds yesterday…stupid fishing…and fun too.

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mtbadfish said...

Right on! Reds are a blast, and fishing with family brings it all together. Good for you.