Thursday, October 23, 2014


Seems like my little dream trip to Louisiana was about a month ago now. Life is going by too fast.
I've spent the week holed up in my office working on fly orders for next year. Not too exciting to the masses, but kind of fun for me…other than the spreadsheet organizing part of it. Flies are really kind of what fly fishing is all about. Although I only fish a few patterns any more, I still can't help geeing out over all the stuff that is out there and in our bins. I wish that more people bought lots of little bitty flies as there are some very cool small bugs out there anymore and unfortunately, I can't see them anymore without wearing readers. I can't help always looking for that little green bug for early season Beaverhead days…I've been looking for it for over 20 years…makes me think I should fish the Beaverhead opener next year. I can't believe the week is already almost over.

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