Monday, December 08, 2014


I slid out for a few hours on the lower this past Saturday with Charlie. Weather was perfect here in town and I felt as if I had put enough familial time over the last few weeks to entitle me to some water time.
We got out there and the wind was ripping in the 20's…maybe 30's and people were all about. Turned out that I was able to do something I haven't done on the lm in awhile….got skunked. I had one fish on as I went to cast but I am not convinced that it wasn't hooked in the butt. Charlie got a few.
I guess I could have cared more, but honestly it was just nice to be out in the wind, on the water with Chuckie, and to not have thought about my elbow until Saturday night when I realized it didn't hurt.
Lots of fly picture taking this week, working on some orders, and looking forward to fishing at least once more before  the end of the year.

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