Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Bloody hell I do say..another year is pretty much f'n gone. Where did it go? It may have gone by quickly, but I can say that it was one of the more better years in my life.

It started off with a hope that my oldest son would somehow keep his shit together and be ready to come home again by the end of the year. It ends with him home with us, hopes fulfilled, and dreams of normalcy seem more real than dreamlike at this time.

I landed my second Permit on my second trip to Belize after missing a handful on my first trip. Yes…I cried after releasing that fish because I am a pansy.

I got to explore the Bolivian Jungle with my dad and several buddies in search of the holy grail of rarely fished water surrounded by little dudes chewing on cocoa leaves. Learned enough to know that I do not give a shit about fishing dirty water in a jungle.

I spent the summer rowing boats over good water, watching people fish well…they still seemed to think it was more fun to catch fish than to fish well.

I had the chance to fish the Blackfoot with my little son, a buddy and his son on a beautiful summer day with a couple of guides. I was full of pride watching my little dude work his Tenkara magic early that morning.

I appreciated many more sunrises than I complained about.

I saw firsthand that sometimes really hard work actually does pay off after about 15 years.

I was able to appreciate the joy of many an angler hooking up and enjoying the life aquatic, maybe even feel a little more worth in my life as a result.

I thought often of my close and dear friends that I have seen less and less of over the last few years as my family and work have filled up the time I used to find so easily. Along with my thoughts of them, I am grateful to have so many of them to think of and for the spot in my life that each of them hold. From Jonesie to the the good Doc, to Gluth and many more…I miss you all and hope to see you in 2015.

I learned more about computer bullshit than I ever hoped to know and hope that 2015 is not full of more learning experiences.

I was lucky enough to spend one of the best days of fishing that I've ever had...with my dad on a boat in Louisiana this fall…grateful to not be with my dad, wading in a jungle in Bolivia.

I've had the chance to learn how to be a dad to a teenager and a little dude, a husband to a patient wife, and a better (not good..better) boss.

I have been able to appreciate how fortunate I am to spend most of my days surrounded by good people in 2014 and look forward to more of those times in 2015.

Today, I experienced the sensation of walking into FWP, turning in a check and all my paperwork for the Madison with absolutely nothing but gratitude for being able to write the check. The animosity within seems to have left my wicked soul.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope that your 2015 goes by slower than my 2014 and that when you stop to think about things…a memory of what a fish feels like on a line is something that comes to you right away. 

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