Monday, December 29, 2014


I've spent the last few days working with my cohorts in the shop on re-merchandising about 2/3 of the shop. Moving signs, moving clothes, moving waders, moving moving moving. I think that there is a pattern in my attraction to task that are rabbit hole in nature. We got it finished today though, and tomorrow is d-day for my end of year outfitter projects and then it's on to more exciting projects for awhile.
Weather became increasingly nasty today with howling winds and the Mercury hovering around 0. Only one person in the shop today that was curious about picking up a fishing license for tomorrow. Good luck I say.
I also learned that Orvis has 72 corporate retail stores now. When we first opened, they had around 15! Good for them I say, I can't imagine the HR nightmares they must have!
Off to an early bedtime tonight as I ended up joining in the Wire marathon on HBO last night and had to stay through Stringer got gotten which ended up being about 3 hours into an ambien trace which was disrupted by the after-effects of eating a albs burrito for dinner last night. Took most of the day and a lunchtime run to Taco Bell to get me right with the world.

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