Sunday, January 25, 2015


Oh baby, the show run is over for me and the Fins team. Looking forward to getting back home tomorrow, hopefully the big blizzard that all are freaking out about will be a dud. I do not want to to be stuck in Newark, NJ for three, long days. So hopefully the flight gets me out around 2 pm!
The Somerser show was great, all of them have been great in their own way. Meeting lots of new anglers is where the real fun is, but there is nothing like finding the reconnect with our anglers of the past season and year. This one was really fun and productive.
Some exciting stuff happened including me being broken into submission by Rolfe Baginski to the point where the only natural conclusion of our time together would be for me to buy a spectacularly detailed bamboo rod. It's pretty sexyyyy. Also hung out with the Yellow Dog Dudes most nights. Ran into the Bolivia crew. Lots of catching up with friends old and new to celebrate the life aquatic

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